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1. RelaxoPet PRO | Which animal group is the PRO Trainer suitable for?

2. RelaxoPet PRO | My RelaxoPet PRO unboxing

3. RelaxoPet PRO | Should I read the instruction manual?

4. RelaxoPet PRO | The adjustment phase

5. RelaxoPet PRO | This is how the NOISE-MOTION system works

6. RelaxoPet PRO | Why do I hear a hissing and crackling noise in silent mode

7. RelaxoPet PRO | Can sound overlap occur when watching TV or listening to the radio?

8. RelaxoPet PRO | Charge the integrated BATTERY correctly / battery display

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General product information 

  My animal doesn't relax with the RelaxoPet Trainer - what now?

Please ask yourself the following three questions:

  1. Is your animal stressed? Does this manifest itself in aggressiveness, constant barking, hyperactivity, trembling, licking paws, cribbing, weaving or loading problems in horses, feather plucking in birds, marking behavior in cats, etc.?
    The RelaxoPet animal relaxation trainer is to be seen as a trainer and problem solver and can mainly be used in stressful situations.
  2. Did you use the familiarization phase correctly? As a rule, animals need 4-5 days to get used to the trainer. You can find more information about this in the operating instructions at the top right of the menu (please note the PRO/ECO version).
  3. Are there other reasons that the RelaxoPet Trainer has no influence on?
    Is your animal completely healthy? Please consult a veterinarian if necessary.

RelaxoPet PRO animal relaxation trainer

Battery charging time 

The charging time of the battery depends on the USB power supply.
As a rule, the RelaxoPet animal relaxation trainer is completely discharged fully charged again in 30 to 90 minutes . you can also use the trainer while charging.
The sound module was equipped with an electronic  overload and
Overcharge protection  is provided to prevent the integrated LI battery from charging can be damaged. However, we recommend using it in battery mode.
Please note that your RelaxoPet animal relaxation trainer is version ECO automatically switches to pause mode after  120 minutes of operation .
It can then be switched on again by pressing the Play button.
The RelaxoPet animal relaxation trainer PRO, on the other hand, has
two setting options (4 hours and continuous operation) and is therefore also included
Recommended for longer transports. 

  • During the acclimatization phase, it is advisable to place the RelaxoPet animal relaxation trainer near  your animal's favorite place  or  familiar surroundings  . Your animal associates the RelaxoPet animal relaxation trainer with its sounds and frequencies with something familiar.
  •  We recommend selecting the audible mode at the beginning  . The silent mode can then be activated.
  • As a rule,  4-5 days of acclimatization time are sufficient  (depending on the individual stressors of the animal).
  • “Interfering noises”, such as TV or radio, should be avoided during the sound exposure period.
  • Only  after the familiarization phase  can the RelaxoPet be  used in stressful situations. If possible, activate the trainer in audible mode about  30 minutes  before the stressor begins (e.g. before leaving the house).


Are there sound overlaps when using multiple devices?

Several devices can also be used at the same time (e.g. a trainer in the living room & another trainer in the hallway).

A sound overlap, sound superimposition or “oversonication” and thus a reduction in the onset of relaxation cannot occur. The relaxation can only be further intensified or deepened by repeated exposure to sonication. 

 I hear a noise in silent mode

Every person has a different, age-related hearing spectrum. The inaudible sound waves can be perceived as SCRATCHING or CHIRPING. This is completely normal and technically caused by the frequent sound waves.
The crackling or hissing is not a defect, but rather a quality feature of the frequent, stored soundtracks.

RelaxoPet animal relaxation trainers are subject to extensive testing. Possible contraindications when using the RelaxoPet sound modules during magnetic field therapies, low level laser treatments, low level light therapies and a wide variety of electrotherapy were tested in the laboratory. RelaxoPet animal relaxation trainers can be used to support any therapy, without loss of performance or other annoying side effects. Radio waves or TV have no influence on the frequent sound waves of the RelaxoPet animal relaxation trainer and do not have a “counterproductive” effect. The device or the sound field orientation has no influence on the animal's relaxation. The RelaxoPet animal relaxation trainer can be used in silent mode while watching TV, in the car when traveling, and for all other transport. Here we are talking about different, high-frequency areas that have no negative influence on one another.

This is usually because the  NOISE-MOTION system  is still activated.
To do this, simply slide the switch for NOISE-MOTION to OFF and the device switches off.When using NOISE-MOTION, no additional switching on is necessary. (Further information can also be found in the operating instructions)



Is the short instruction manual enough?

  • The operating instructions included with the device are only a short version.
  • Please download the  complete user manual before use .
  • You can find this as a practical PDF link at the top right of the menu.
  • Have fun and success with the application.


The RelaxoPet animal relaxation trainer can also be used when walking, riding or during transport.
For this we recommend the  RelaxoBag . The RelaxoBag has a carabiner hook that can be easily attached to a leash, backpack, belt, transport box, bird cage, riding trousers or saddle or similar.
Please note the reduced relaxation area of ​​approx. 3 meters around the device.
You will notice that your dog is more relaxed during the walk or your horse is more relaxed during the ride.
Other dogs also refrain from aggressive behavior as soon as they enter the relaxation area (3 m).


The RelaxoPet animal relaxation trainer PRO has two setting options (4 hours and continuous operation) and is therefore also recommended for longer transports, for example.

The timer can also be used within the NOISE MOTION system. To do this, first activate the PRO timer (select switch to the left) and then start the device (play button). The NOISE MOTION sensor can then be switched on (selector switch to the left). After 4 hours of exposure to sound, the trainer automatically switches to detection mode (see NOISE MOTION sensor).


Why doesn't RelaxoPet include a USB power plug?

According to statistics, there are now more than four USB charging options in a household. (PC, printer, USB hub, mobile power supply, car, etc.)
All of these USB charging points can be used to charge the RelaxoPet sound module.
We therefore protect resources and our environment.


Why can't the frequent sound waves be played through every loudspeaker?

The speaker dome in the sound module does not allow the subliminal sound waves to be played on external speakers.
The result would be a loss of sound tracks, which would lead to a significant reduction in the relaxing, subliminal tones.
Therefore, it is not possible to play the subliminal sound waves on other speakers.



  • The PRO product series has an integrated NOISE-MOTION sensor.
  • The sensor detects the spatial surroundings when the animal owner is away.
  • If stressors are identified, the PRO Trainer switches on automatically for 30 minutes.
  • This means your animal is protected from stressors even when you are away.
  • The new NOISE-MOTION system is controlled by 2 highly sensitive DUPLEX microphones.
  • This is not a purely decibel-controlled function.
  • NOISE-MOTION works in different steps, which the electronic board processes accordingly (including volume / intensities / repetition frequencies).

The NOISE-MOTION system can also be used together with the PRO Timer.
To do this, activate the PRO timer (select switch to the left) and switch on the trainer using the play button. Then switch on the NOISE-MOTION sensor (selector switch to the left). The PRO Trainer therefore works for 4 hours and then automatically switches to room detection.


How do I use RelaxoPet PRO when traveling in the car?

  • Please place the trainer in a  safe location during all travel .
  • We recommend the  side rear shelf .
  • Choose  silent mode while driving so you can't be distracted.


Where is the best place to place the RelaxoPet PRO in the house? 
  • We recommend setting up the RelaxoPet Trainer near the  animal's favorite place.
  • When using it for the first time, please make sure that the trainer  is not directly accessible to your animal.
  • In closed rooms the effective circle around the device is  approx. 5 m  and in open rooms and outside  approx. 3 m.

Stress in dogs & cats


Fireworks are highly stressful for all animal groups.
We recommend using the animal relaxation trainer in audible mode before, during and after every firework display. To do this, place the trainer near the animal's favorite place and start it approx. 30 minutes before the fireworks display.


Sudden thunderstorm

Switch on the RelaxoPet Trainer in audible sound mode in the event of a sudden thunderstorm.
You can set the volume to a comfortable level. you will notice how your pet immediately relaxes. noises caused by the thunderstorm will become irrelevant.
Increase the volume if your pet still does not relax.


Different groups of animals in one household


You will notice that the other animal groups also participate in the relaxing sound waves, so that they also relax.

The ratio is approximately as follows:

  • With the RelaxoPet PRO trainer for dogs, around 30% of cats also relax
  • Around 40% of dogs also relax with the RelaxoPet PRO trainer for cats

However, in order to achieve the greatest possible success, the appropriate RelaxoPet PRO animal relaxation trainer should be used individually for each animal group, as it was developed specifically for and tailored to the respective animal group.


With the RelaxoPet animal relaxation trainer ECO you have the opportunity to relax the animal groups dogs and cats with a sound module. Before using the trainer, think about which animal you think is the most “stressed”. You then select this group of animals.

  • Approximately 30% of cats also relax in the dog setting
  • Approximately 40% of dogs also relax in the cat setting


Stress in birds

At what distance do I place the sound module next to the birdcage?

If the bird cage is indoors, the module should be no further than 5 meters away from your bird. Outside, the reception radius is 3 meters.


Stress in horses

My horse has been prescribed stable rest. How do I use RelaxoPet correctly?

We recommend using the inaudible mode for your animal in the event of prescribed stable rest or illness. During use, please keep the RelaxoPet animal relaxation trainer in the case supplied and hang the case at a height of approx. 1 m, out of reach of the horse if possible.
Please observe the relaxation area of 3 m around the trainer.


Alien environment for my horse. How do I use RelaxoPet?

We recommend using the audible mode for all unfamiliar environments for your horse. Please make sure to use the trainer in its case and hang it up at a height of approx 1 meter, in a place that is as inaccessible as possible for your horse.


Animal transport

When transporting animals, use the RelaxoPet Trainer to guide your animal into the transport trailer in audible mode. We also recommend the audible mode during transport. Please attach the enclosed transport case near your head.

If the transport takes longer than 2 hours, please make sure to reactivate the Trainer ECO (version 2) during transport control. The RelaxoPet animal relaxation trainer PRO, on the other hand, can be set to continuous operation.

Please start the module in audible mode about 30 minutes before loading begins.